Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Child Home Visits

Today, we had the priviledge of visiting two child sponsorship projects. However, the highlight of the day has been visiting the homes of some of the sponsored children. The photo above was taken in a slum in Kampala. The little girl above is sponsored by my roommate, Phil Ware. We had to wind down dark alley ways, under laundry lines, over trash and sewage until we found her home. She lives with her mother, grandmother and five siblings. They live in a very small home, which was approximately 12 foot by 10 foot. They do their cooking outside.
At one of the projects the staff told us that approximately 30% of the children had lost one or both parents to AIDS. They estimated that another 30% of the children are infected by AIDS themselves or one of their parents is suffering from AIDS.
I've been thinking "what if one of my kids were in this same situation?". I would hope and pray that someone would help them in my absence. Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry helps with the child's physical, educational, social and most importantly their spiritual needs.
I encourage you to sponsor a child today! You can view photos of childen waiting for a sponsor, including over 400 children from Uganda. You can even search for a child to sponsor by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and much more. Allow God to work through you. Sponsor a child today!

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