Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank You Hunter!

I distributed your gifts to the children of Uganda and they were very happy! I hope you enjoy the video!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go Bucks!

I've heard people say that Buckeye fans are everywhere. Now I have photographic evidence.

Here's a picture of my new friend from Uganda, Dennis. He was our trip leader from the Uganda office this past week and did a wonderful job. Dennis is only 22 years old but he did an awesome job leading 15 people all over his beautiful country. My Mom used to tell me when I was his age that I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on tight. Not Dennis. Notice his Ohio State sweater.

Here's a photograph of a Compassion sponsored child with a Brutus Buckeye doll. He's even wearing a Teddy Ginn, Jr. jersey!

Here's another photo of some boys from a Compassion project doing O-H-I-O. I'm using this photo as the desktop image on my computer!

Go Bucks!

Finally a Decent Internet Connection!

I've arrived safely back from Uganda. However, I'm struggling with some jet lag. The 9 hour time difference and over 30 hour travel time have taken their toll.

Our Internet connection issues never did improve in Uganda. So, I decided to not post during the trip in order to give our limited bandwidth to the power bloggers that were traveling with me. Their blogs get alot more traffic than my blog and have a greater opportunity to release more children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Leigh Ann!

This post is for my wife, Leigh Ann. I'm sorry that I am not there to celebrate Valentines Day with you. I miss you and I love you. I've asked some of the Ugandan children that I met to help me share Valentines wishes to you. I hope you enjoy the video below!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Over 10,000 Children Saved in Uganda

We're still having a lot of Internet problems at this hotel. We even traveled to the Compassion Uganda office today to use their Internet connection. Please pray that our Internet connection will improve. We really need a high speed Internet connection for this trip to be a success.

One of the interesting things we learned today is that approximately 10,000 Compassion children became Christians in the past year! Compassion's ministry is not limited to just the spiritual development of the child though. Compassion also helps with a child's educational, physical and social well-being too. However, the spiritual development of the child is a crucial part of Compassion's child development program.

So far, we have received 54 child sponsorship requests since the trip began. Our goal is to find 500 sponsors for children in need. I would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Child Home Visits

Today, we had the priviledge of visiting two child sponsorship projects. However, the highlight of the day has been visiting the homes of some of the sponsored children. The photo above was taken in a slum in Kampala. The little girl above is sponsored by my roommate, Phil Ware. We had to wind down dark alley ways, under laundry lines, over trash and sewage until we found her home. She lives with her mother, grandmother and five siblings. They live in a very small home, which was approximately 12 foot by 10 foot. They do their cooking outside.
At one of the projects the staff told us that approximately 30% of the children had lost one or both parents to AIDS. They estimated that another 30% of the children are infected by AIDS themselves or one of their parents is suffering from AIDS.
I've been thinking "what if one of my kids were in this same situation?". I would hope and pray that someone would help them in my absence. Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry helps with the child's physical, educational, social and most importantly their spiritual needs.
I encourage you to sponsor a child today! You can view photos of childen waiting for a sponsor, including over 400 children from Uganda. You can even search for a child to sponsor by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and much more. Allow God to work through you. Sponsor a child today!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Off to Uganda...

I'm sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport this morning waiting to meet up with 14 other Christian bloggers to see Compassion’s ministry to children in need in Uganda. I will be meeting up with the rest of the bloggers at Chicago O'Hare airport later today. We'll arrive back in the United States on February 18th.

We will combine the power of our blogs to educate and inform within our circles of influence about the impoverished children in this country. Read our blogs and get an insiders view of Compassion's work in this African country. Each blogger will tell the story in their own unique way. You can read along as we share the emotion, sights, sounds and smells with you as our travel partner.

Our goal is to find sponsors for 500 children. Learn more about sponsoring a child.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Uganda Blog Widget

Check out this widget that Shaun Groves built to support our blogging trip to Uganda. Quite an amazing piece of work. Nice job Shaun!

Add it to your site by clicking on the share link in the bottom left corner of the widget.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Psalm 41:1 in Action

The first part of Psalm 41:1 says "Blessed is he who has regard for the weak". I mentioned in a previous post about a boy in my church that collects toys to distribute to poor children in third world countries. This boy has taken Psalm 41:1 to heart. Check out the photograph of the toys he has collected for my trip to Uganda. He's collected dozens of stuffed animals and unopened toys from fast food restaurants. I'm sure that the children that receive these toys will have a smile on their face when they receive his thoughtful gift. Many children don't have any toys with the exception of the toys they make themselves.