Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Future Missionary?

An amazing young boy in my church has been collecting toys and candy to give away to children in need around the world. He's only an elementary school student but he has found a way to get the items to children in Africa and Central America. He's even been featured in the local newspaper. My wife thinks he will become a missionary one day.

He's collecting some items for me to take to Uganda. I'll be delivering those items on his behalf. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates. I'll be posting pictures and comments about the distribution of these gifts that he is collecting.


Yvonka said...

This child is one of a kind..He is my Godson and I am very very proud of him. Hunter takes what he is doing for the orphans very seriously and straight to the heart. Hunter & his family are hoping to go Africa this summer & visit the orphans & a boy that they a sponsoring..I wish Hunter the best of luck in every endeavor that he chooses...I love you Hunter Frey ~ Aunt Yvonka

shawna said...

he is such an amazing kid!! i am extremely proud to call him my nephew. i could only pray that my son be as thoughtful and caring of others as hunter is. robin you have done a great job as a mother. i love you all. shawna

kathleen said...

Hunter is one special child. It has been a blessing to watch him grow in relationship with Jesus and to be a servant to others. I pray Hunter will be able to go to Africa. It has been a dream of his. Hunter we just want you to know we support you and LOVE you and know God has big plans for you.
LOVE, Miss Kathleen, Hannah, Noah & Jeff :0)