Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog About Compassion and Get a Free Scrap Book

Just blog about your Compassion experience and link to compassion.com. Compassion will send the first 500 people who sign up a free Compassion scrapbook! Learn more about this opportunity.


Heather said...

How did those 16 bloggers get the trip to Africa? My little boy is in India and I would looooooooove to go there. I have wanted to go see him for years. I blog and would love to blog about a visit there. ???

Sprittibee said...

Here's my post:

Tom Emmons said...

There were a variety of factors that were considered when selecting the bloggers. However, the primary selection criteria was based on whether they could spread the word about children in need in Uganda. We looked at Google page rank, Technorati rank, offline opportunities, etc.

If this trip is a success then we'll definitely have another blogging trip in the future. Our goal is to get 500 children sponsored. Help us to spread the word about Compassion through your blogs!